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If you could only have one dog.........

Get a Catahoula Bulldog its what they are bred for.Look them up and see what you think

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If you could only have one dog.........

from only going hog hunting once with dogs i would want a strike/catch dog, only because i noticed that the dogs baying wouldnt help you out in getting close to that hog like a strike/catch dog

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If you could only have one dog.........

Main reason people use bay dogs is because their sole duty is to strike a track and find the hog then hold the hog at bay until you arrive with a catch dog or a gun or whatnot. There is a breed that does boh strike and catch and that's the argentine dogo and they're expensive plus silent on track. They do not bark at all so you still need a bay dog to tell you where the hog is at. A silent bay/catch dog won't live long bec they get cut up while holding the hog and you're wasting time using a tracking device on the dog or waiting to hear the commotion. They can often overheat and you wouldn't know it. With that being said, I know a few dogos and they're what I want in a catch dog bec they have more stamina than a pit bull or american bulldog.

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If you could only have one dog.........

silent dosent mean silent til catch to me it means silent til the game is jumped. or in sight! that seems to be a big misconception in the world of dog hunting. i like a little mouth and don't know many people that are hunting many different breeds that don't like a dog to give a little to help keep up with them. and don't get me wrong i do keep a catch dog but most of the time unless the hog is big the plotts i'm running dont need his help to catch. granted i do have my fair share of dogs that are cut from time to time but that is going to happen in the buisness of hog hunting

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