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If It Weren't For Bad Luck.....

I'D HAVE NO LUCK AT ALL!! So I got a set of antelope horns (thanks CVC) mounted, and ready for Christmas. Had to take pics before Christmas because the kids would not be here. Got up the other morning to find my truck broken into. They got my pistol and, yep, you guessed it, the camera with all my Christmas pics. So I have to wait until they get back to take a few pics with the horns. I hear they caught the guy, but recovering my property is always slim to none. And, life goes on.

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That is a bummer, sorry to

That is a bummer, sorry to hear it. I hope you get everything back.

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Crossing my fingers and

Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer that you get your stuff back!!!

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Well, with the cops in this

Well, with the cops in this town, I'll be lucky if they even remember I have a case. Getting my stuff back is not even a thought. But, I hope they at least get my gun off the street. The thought of somebody committing a crime with my gun worries me more than anything else.

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That sucks that happened.  If

That sucks that happened.  If you want to be a little bit proactive head to any pawn shop within 100 miles and let them know what was taken and the serial number of the pistol.  They may just show up in a few weeks. 

I had a pistol stolen from my vehicle 30 years ago and while the cops didn't give me much hope of getting it back I went to the pawn shops.  Almost one year later I got a call from one and it had just showed up.  A call to the local sheriff and a little bit of paper work and I had it back. 

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bad luck

That really sucks big time.  Sorry to hear it.

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I wish I had gotten the pawn

I wish I had gotten the pawn shop advice myself from someone back then. A long time ago my home was broken into and a pistol was stolen. It was a strange situation as they only took the one gun and left many others within easy reach. The police had many sets of fingerprints on the broken glass and I provided them with the serial number and photos of the gun. After they left with the evidence I never heard another thing from them. I wish I had done more myself to try and track it down.

Good luck and I hope you get it all back.

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