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If George W. Bush was an idiot...

Expatriate you are right on the money. Makwa that is the blessing about this job . I am swamped with work.

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If George W. Bush was an idiot...

I agree with Expatriate as well. It is about the control. If the politicians were willing to attack the actual problems within the medical care system, I would be inclined to believe that they're truly working on fixing the problems. However they keep pushing for the government option which will come with a huge pricetag and ultimately give our government control over what medical care we receive.

Its not about reform - its about control.

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If George W. Bush was an idiot...

Where it gets scary is when you look at the kinds of health-related initiatives the left wing has been pushing -- tobacco lawsuits, smoking regulation, trans fat bans, helmet laws, seatbelt laws, and now discussion of zoning limits to suppress fast food restaurants.

If the government has power over your health care, how long do you think it'll be before it starts dictating lifestyle and food choices? How about taxing people differently based on body composition, because overweight people will consume a disproportionate share of health care resources?

Oh, yeah, and some medical organizations (like the American Medical Association) consider gun control to be a health issue. I've seen it in my annual preventive health assessment -- the questionnaire asks if I have children in the home, whether I own firearms, and if I keep them locked up. Each time, I refuse to answer and each time I wind up having to explain to the clinic staff why I refuse to answer. I look 'em in the eye and say "Cause it's a bulls**t political question and none of your business."

Make no mistake about it; once government has full control of the health care system and is paying the bills, it'll conclude that it has a duty to manage the nation's health -- and the nanny state will run amok as everything the government wants to control will be tied into health somehow.

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If George W. Bush was an idiot...


I know where your coming from. I used to be polite and reasonable when asked why I owned guns. Now my answer is "because the voices in my head tell me too". I was never a big fan of either Bush although I voted for them as I saw them to be the lesser of 2 evils. At one point during the Bush years I believed it couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. It did.

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