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Idaho Whitetails

Hey, new to the site and need some help. Me and my girlfried are looking to move out west, and are thinking about Idaho. Im a hardcore whitetail hunter and am looking to plan a hunt in Idaho next year. Ive been looking north around sandpoint, but am only going off what ive read. Does anybody have suggestions about a good starting point for good numbers of deer. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hey, where in Vermont do you

Hey, where in Vermont do you live now, or are you originally from????? Wink

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I don't have info on Idaho, but welcome to the site.  It's sort of slow now, but I know there are a few guys that live and/or hunt out there. They should chime in sooner or later. It's a beautiful state.

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check out twin lakes, spirit

check out twin lakes, spirit lake and hauser lake areas.  there is usually some big bucks that come out of there.  also cocalala has some nice deer.  sandpoint sits in a trench.  the purcell trench.  mulies are on either side of the trench on top and whitetails in the bottoms.  I haven't hunted up there in years.  They do have a november season though.  the deer herds around priest lake haven't been doing as good as others.  also the elk seem to be doing real well and the deer ok.  we had a couple of big winters back to back that put a hurt on the smaller animals. 


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Thanks tim. have only seen

Thanks tim. have only seen pictures of idaho, and havn't been far. I have decided to save every last penny this year and come out. Hopefully everybody else will give me some ideas too.

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