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Idaho unit 42

Looking for a good area to start scouting. Any suggestions?

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Idaho unit 42

Fish and game was a big help to me last year early in the summer. I went in and met the Biologist for the area and he pulled out the count maps for the previous February. He was able to show me exactly where they saw sheep, gender and class of ram. So I would start with the Biologist for that GMU. Here's the bad news.. Fish and Game does not do species specific counts for Big Horn Sheep. The counts are done in conjunction with the elk counts, from a helicopter. Very hard to see sheep from a moving helicopter. So the counts will not be accurate in any sense of the word. Also, if there are no elk in Unit 42 they most likely have not done counts. It's possible that they combine sheep with some other trophy species like Pronghorns for counting ......not sure on this.
Do you have someone to hunt with? I live south of you between you and the GMU and would be interested in seeing this area. You've got to drive past my house to get where you are going. PM me if you think you might want the extra eyes and pack frame. I can carry my own food in and more then half my body weight on the way out Thumbs up

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Idaho unit 42

Any followup to this story too? Man, it would be nice to hear some good bighorn stories...kill or not.

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