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Idaho Unit 40

Hello all, I am new to the forum. First off, I am a fairly new transplant to Idaho (3 years ago), coming from Minnesota. I've been hunting all my life, but this is definitely a different ball game! I was lucky enough to draw the early season muley archery tag in unit 40. I've only been able to do virtual scouting via Google earth, and won't be able to get down there as much as I'd like before the season opens, due to prior commitments. I've got a few spots picked out so far that look good, but I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the area that they would be willing to share. 


Thanks in advance for any help!


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Welcome to the forum.  There

Welcome to the forum. 

There are a few on here that live and hunt in Idaho but asking for a unit specific usually results in very few if any replies.  You have to figure that Idaho is a large state and a lot of hunters usually don't want to let out their secreats. 

Now after saying that and never hunting in that unit I would say to hunt high during the early season.  Then if you don't see anything start dropping down each day until you find them.  I know that here in Colorado where I archery hunt I hunt at 10,000'+ and while there are a few deer there the majority of them will be a couple of thousand feet lower where the feed is usually easier to get to.  I would also concentrate on the aspen groves to find the deer if you are hunting lower country.

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I just moved to Kuna a few months ago. From what I hear that's a great unit. They get trophy bucks out of there every year. I have some friends that drew on the rifle hunt there. It's a very desert like unit with lots of cedar in some areas. Lots of rocky areas and draws. Great cat country for me. Anyways, I would look for water. Doing archery deer you need to find a good watering hole or game trail it will be tough stalking on all the loose gravel and rock. They will hear you coming. Also, I don't recall any alfa alfa fields in that unit but if there are check them out as well. Keep in mind they have to have a water source. Good luck. Give us an update on how it goes.

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