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Idaho unit 27?

Anyone ever hunt bears up in unit 27 in Idaho?  I have tried calling the biologist numerous times and can't seem to track him down.  Just wondering if this is a good unit for bears, and more important, to make sure that they aren't hibernating yet when we plan to hunt (Oct 8-15).  Thanks!

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Bear Hunting Idaho

Cannot help you as I have never hunted unit 27 but a suggestion might be to talk with an outfitter that works that area if you cannot get with the biologist or the local boots on the ground warden. Since unit 27 is a two bear area it would make sense it has more than its share of bears. As with any hunting finding them is the trick. October might be on the late side for bear but having a tag while out chasing deer and or elk is nice to have. Also wolf will be open at that time so that might be another option for you.  I will be hunting spring bear May 2012 in the same zone but in unit 20A. I am looking very forward to it and plan to get two tags. Good luck.

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