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idaho spring bear hunt 2009

i just got back from my 6 day spring bear hunt in north central idaho, just off highway 12, with triple o outfitters. unfortunately, i saw a little bear the first night, caught a glimpse of a possible shooter but no shot the second night, and then went without seeing any bears for the next four days. when i left texas, the temps were 80-105. when i got there, the temps were from 39-70. i nearly froze to death and had to drive in to missoula and get some warmer clothes. it is a long time since i faced those kinds of temperatures. i sat over bait from 0400-0900 and helped bait from 1000-1300, and then sat again from 1600-2100. just no luck. pretty scenery, i did see some mule deer, two bull moose in velvet and a few elk, just no bears. Laugh

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idaho spring bear hunt 2009

It still sounds like you had a good time. cool Some of my best memories on a hunt did not have anything to do with the harvesting of an animal.

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