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Idaho Spring Bear Help

I am planning a spring bear trip to Idaho. None of us have much money, all have lots of energy and hunting experience. This is our first bear trip out west. All have elk hunted the rockies before. I work with maps and air photos so I have a lot of resources to plan the trip. Unit 12 looks like the easiest to access with lots of logging roads to get around. This unit also has an abundance of marshy areas, lakes and creeks. Is hunting pressure going to be a problem?

Unit 16 North of the Selway is very steep but has some roads. Harvest stats look ok.

Unit 17 is massive and veryy remote - My guess is not accessible until June?

My biggest question is when to hunt. My first guess was Mid June because snow and run off would be less of an issue. Then more research showed that guides seem to like May 1 - 20th. I have a 9 day block so right now I am planning on May 12-20th. But I can switch for the 3rd week in June - what is best?

We plan on trying to start some baits but dont expect much to happen. Mostly spot and stalk hunting and use of predator calls along creek bottoms and south slopes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Idaho Spring Bear Help

Sorry - can't give you much help on bears ... we see them now and then, even in open season, but about the time I buy a tag they disappear Big smile .

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Idaho Spring Bear Help

I'm not real familiar with the areas you are considering but you should definitely check with F&G and the Forest service as many logging roads have seasonal closures that don't reopen until memorial day weekend at the end of May. These roads do not have to be posted to be closed and you need to get the latest forest service travel maps to see which ones they are. the last map I had used green to show closed roads and trails and I will say that most of the map was green. Most are closed to all motorized vehicles. I'm also not sure what the bear season is but I'm not thinking it goes as far as June, I could be wrong though. Good luck.

I just checked the dates and they do go from April through June in many of those units, It must be partially due to run off and accessibility of the area.

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spring bears

if you want a really good bear hunt unit 1 is it. tons of access, no private land to battle. gauranteed bear!! i usaully see at least 2 or 3 a day sometimes about 6. let me know if you are interested i can lead you to some good spots.

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