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Idaho Sportsmans Package

That was sweet. I just went to buy my elk tag. I had to make sure there was enough money in my `hunting' account. But when the clerk `range me up' he reminded me it didn't cost me anything since I had already paid for it with my Sportsmans Package. VERY VERY SWEET.

Idaho offers a Sportsmans Package that provides, with one fee, deer, elk, bear, coug, and first turkey tags, along with hunting and fishing license, steelhead and salmon tags, and other stuff. In years past I have bought what I wanted license by license, tag by tag, and probably spent a lot more doing so. Or I have passed up on tags.

Goat, Sheep, Moose tags are extra, if you draw (controlled hunt), as well as extra and depredation tags.

I go into the field this year with a full complement of tags.

(Hmmmm ... I wonder if the SP will include wolf tags.)

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Idaho Sportsmans Package

it should include them.

I just wish the season was going to be open when we are in looking for sheep this year.

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