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How about predator calls ?

This is just me thinking out loud. It seems that first you'll need to make sure that are wolves in the area. Tracks and other sign is a good indicator. If there are elk in the area, that's probably a good thing too. Once animals are located, what about predator calling? An elk calf or deer fawn in distress ?? Maybe wolf sounds ?? I reviewed the regs and you can't use dogs or bait, and you can't use an electronic call. Any other thoughts or ideas ?

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Idaho sets wolf limits

use a bugle as a locator call, then a cow call to seal the deal

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Idaho sets wolf limits

I'm not a wolf expert but, I understand they are very teritorial. If you used wolf noises as to imply that another pack had moved into another packs teritory would that make a wolf come? I think it would be worth a try. Esp. if nothing else was working.

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