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hi, im going if the Lord blesses me to those areas in idaho in november. last year i shot a doe. i was first lking at getting a buck but my friend who has now 8 kids said they taste better so i shot a doe. besides im mostly interested in learning on field dressing and processing them. my friend butchers all his meat. so, i still have a lot to learn robert

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Congrads on sticking a deer although I beg to differ on does tasting better. I've had bucks that were older and very excellent. I think it has more to do with what they eat and how long you take to cool the meat down. Getting the heat out is so important. I've seen guys with deer in the back of the truck in September with the hide still on and flies all over it and then they wonder why their meat is "gamey". Anyways there are definately plenty of deer this year so good luck if you come.

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