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Idaho Hunters Need to File Reports

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Idaho Hunters Need to File Reports

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Idaho Hunters Need to File Reports

Thanks for the reminder, i ran into the mess they were having with the system. And so i called and filed my report by phone. Talked to a very nice lady, and of course i brought up the subject of wolves, asked her if anyone else had been talking about them. No was her reply, yelling, screaming ,raging, threatening yes,talking NO. About every other phone call had some very explicit verbage about wolves. Mainly that there are many more of them that had been previously reported by IFG. And she also said quiet as its kept harvest numbers were way down, even though she does not have all the stats just from the calls she has taken, It was a very bad year. IFG will have to doctor these numbers in order to keep nonres monies coming to the state. But the big elephant in the front room is getting out of hand. The antis are winning this fight , Before to long they will say that the wolves need the game for food and all hunting within the wolves home fronts should stop for the benefit of the wolves and all game. Hijacked thread, sorry Moderator. But the info was very helpful. Yes

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Idaho Hunters Need to File Reports

there are really 3 ills as I see it:

ill 1 is that people think wolves are good. Wolves are neither good, nor bad, they are (just) wolves, a very effective predator, a killing machine. I would concede that they embody some elegance, or beauty, as do just about any wild creatures. People take pictures of them in relatively benign settings and put the pictures on calendars, post cards, and the like ... eveyone `loves' them, seemingly by default, without much thought.

ill 2 people on the other side of the country think they can govern (and act like they own) this side of the country.

ill 3 people in general think firearms are weapons, and that weapons are bad, and that firearm users are bad, killers, killing machines.

That being said, I'll bring the string back into line - I'll take the post as the reminder that it is - and file my elk tag report. Ughhhh ... looks like I'm gonna eat it this year. I did have my chance. The wolves in the wilderness have driven the (remaining) elk to the fringes of civilization. I got into the elk a couple times near home - but couldn't put together a good shot. Ughhhhhhh.,

From observation (at and around ground zero) I have for years put the wolf population at AT LEAST THREE TIMES the admitted value ...

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