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Idaho GMU 17

Hello all,

I was lucky enough to draw a moose tag this year in Idaho for the Selway Bitterroot area in GMU 17. the dates run August 30 – November 23, 2010. I was wondering if you guys/gals ever see moose outside the drainages, rivers, or lakes wandering around the heavy trees? Or I should spend my time getting wet looking for those ‘’little’’ guys handing out. Also was wondering when they rut in Idaho? If you have any other info feel free to throw it in as well


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Re: Idaho GMU 17

Congrats on the tag!

You might want to try also posting this in the Rocky Moutain forum - often there's people familiar with the area who aren't moose hunters that may be able to help you with general questions.

Good luck.

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Not familiar w/ the unit but

Not familiar w/ the unit but had a tag in '07 for a unit in the panhandle and the rut wasn't quite going on the last 2 weeks of Sept (when the season was). It was pretty warm though, around 70 degrees most days.  I'd imagine the end of Sept through the first week or two of Oct they'd be rutting. I'd be curious to know how the hunt goes and the quality of animals you see in the unit as I noticed 17 has had leftover tags before and has always intrigued me.  Have heard people say the wolves have done a number on animals in that unit, too.  Good luck.

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Backpacker, Thanks for the


Thanks for the info. I'll let you know how the hunts turns out hopefully with some nice pictures! I believe the reason they have left over tags is due to this area being 100% wilderness with limited access. There is one road that cuts east/west through the middle of the unit so unless you have horses or use an outfitter you will not make it in very far. This was the first year I had ever applied for a moose tag and got it! We are elk, deer, bear, and wolf hunting up there this year so i thought what the heck would try for a moose as well. I have seen a couple of nice bulls last time I was elk hunting. I figured them to be around 40''. I don't think you will find a 50''+ like eastern idaho but hey you never know...

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Good luck with your hunt

Good luck with your hunt fire. I have never hunted Moose but the possibility intrigues me. Hope you find that 50"+ little guy.

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