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Idaho Frank Church Wilderness Elk hunt

A buddy and I have Elk & Deer tags for the Middle Fork zone Sept 15-30. We have chartered a flight into one of the back country air strips. We plan to try and stay out there for the full two weeks. our plan is to have the base camp @ the air strip and spike out for a couple days at a time. At this point I'm trying to research the best air strip to fly into. At first Chamberlain Basin looked good, then talked to bioligists ect. and they said that area is infested w\ wolves. Has anyone hunted the Frank from any of these air strips lately? Any area info or hunt tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Idaho Frank Church Wilderness Elk hunt

That whole MF area got hit real hard by wolves. Real hard. I mean real hard. It is not the elk Shangri La it used to be - but there are still elk in there. What I am hearing is that the elk are more located in the rugged `breaks' as compared to the more usual forests and `meadows' (not really the word I'm looking for, but good for now).

Sept 15-30 it could still be pretty warm. Even though the rut time of year - they may not bugle much. But even as I write I am reminded of exceptions.

If you are in communication with a charter - you might ask him/her which strips they took the most elk out of last year Yes .

Fabulous country!

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