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Idaho Forest Service can be Sued Over Sage Grouse Decline

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Idaho Forest Service can be Sued Over Sage Grouse Decline

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Idaho Forest Service can be Sued Over Sage Grouse Decline

Sadly I believe it is true that the Forest service and BLM would rather cater to the cattle industry than conservationists. Money talks and poloticians and voters are going to side with the huge taxpaying industry of cattle ranchers who are very important to the local economy. On this topic I am torn because I want to see more birds, but I won't support wiping out the cattle industry which is what some of these conservation groups could allow to happen for the sage grouse's sake. Last year we had a wet spring and lots of cover and the hatch was amazing. The year before that is was poor so we can't blame it all on the ranchers I guess.

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sage grouse

I agree with you 100% hank...it's a balancing act to be sure...we struggle with the same thing in the Gunnision Valley in CO...for shelfish reasons I want to see habitat improved...but the ranchers have there rights...i think more hunter/rancher discussion could help the problems...keep the damn lawyers adn the feds out of it!

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