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Idaho Fawn Mortality Results Available

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Idaho Fawn Mortality Results Available

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Idaho Fawn Mortality Results Available

So, what does all this mean? How does it help us manage game? What is the bottom line?

We had a big disease / die-off of whitetail deer around here in 2003. We were visiting with some landowners who were saying the deer hadn't yet recovered (Spring 2006). Frankly I think they were too busy arguing with each other (husband and wife) to notice ... the number of deer in the area was almost intoxicating. I am told that if the food is available the does will start cranking out twins and even triplets - and the population quickly rebounds. Seems to be the case where we were.

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Idaho Fawn Mortality Results Available

Sometimes I don't hold much stock in their little studies. I've seen more deer this spring in Idaho than just about any other year. It was a cold winter so a few more fawns probably died but the surplus to begin with will probably make up for it. Hopefully they don't use it for an excuse to cut hunts in certain units.

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