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Idaho Draw Results!

I know there aren't many Idaho hunters on here but I thought I would share my mixed emotions that I drew a bull tag this year!

I put in for an area I haven't hunted in 8 years or so. It used to be the bomb back in the day 20 years ago. We used to shoot 350 bulls off the road. Of course I never drew in those days. It was always my brother or my dad or even my mom. By the time I drew the area it was on the down hill slide, wolves had moved in and huge numbers of hunters. The fish and game advertised the area in magazines as the #2 area in idaho for bulls. After that the hunters started showing up in groves. I don't know if it's even in the top 20 now. However, due to more wolves, it may have less hunters. Kind of a trade effect going on there. Maybe.

I actually put in on a group hunt with my wife. It's her first year hunting ever. I knew with her luck as a new hunter we would draw. I tried to convince a few buddies of this but they didn't believe me or got convinced to put in elsewhere. They should've listened. It will be interesting hunting with the wife and all. Not sure how that's going to go.

The reasons I have mixed emotions about drawing is this means no archery elk for me. And after having so many close encounters last year, I was looking forward to it. But my freezer is pretty much void of elk besides some steak so this draw hunt will be good for us. It has like a 90% success rate. Hopefully the wife will fill the freezer with a young bull, she's not picky, and I can be a little more picky. Hoping for something in the 300 range but that's a lot of hope.

Any other Idaho hunters on here let me know if you drew and where. I drew in the Lemhi Zone.



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Striker, I can't give you any

Striker, I can't give you any info on Idaho, but I can relate to the excitement (with a hint of apprehension) you are feeling about having the wife along for the first time!  Mine went with me last year for her first time hunting, and actually it was quite enjoyable.  we had some close calls and a lot of fun.....and surprisingly few arguments (maybe just a couple while setting up camp :)   But it was great and she is going again this year! 

Good luck to both of you and keep us posted!

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