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It is too bad that they

It is too bad that they didn't want to cooperate with you to the point that you didn't even seen any.  I took a ride this last weekend here in Colorado and spotted 2 out feeding in the meadows but we don't have a spring bear hunt here. 

I am leaving in a couple of weeks for my hunt up in British Colombia and from what the outfitter has said they still have a lot of snow but that is to be expected for the first part of May.  At least that is what he is saying. 



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Sorry to hear that as that

Sorry to hear that as that was not the story I was hoping to hear from you. I can understand the wolf but not seeing a bear in 5 days really sucks. I leave in 5 days and my hunt starts in 7. I sure hope the bears in my area cooperate more.

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Don't feel alone

I only saw one small bear in my five days in Idaho. First three days were 90 degrees and they have had an early spring so the bears had long lost their plugs and were no longer on grass. Elk had moved out as well and I suspect the bears with them. I hiked a lot every day and glassed a lot of country but it wasn't meant to be.

Still had a wonderful time in some very rugged beautiful country.

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Kevin Davis and Southwind

Hey guys sorry to hear about your trips. It sounds like the very warm conditions may not of helped matters  any. That pic of you, Southwind, is awesome glassing in the boulders! I leave for Quebec next Thursday. I will keep you all posted. Kevin

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I hunted Idaho last May

I hunted Idaho last May (2011) along with two other Buddies. None of us saw any bears, unfortunately, but we all did enjoy the scenery and other game we saw. Glad to hear that you all also managed to enjoy yourselves, even bearless. Hunting can be like that for any one and at any time, when the stars just do not align for us. Hunting is way more than simply harvesting and again, I was glad to read that the experiences you all encountered made the trips good ones. Thumbs up

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