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Idaho Archery Update

Well I had another good weekend of archery hunting. However, I was unable to fill my tag. I was in elk all weekend. Bulls were bugling like crazy. I got between two herds and their herd bulls with sattlelites roming. It was pretty awesome. I saw two bulls do the "walk or strutt" where they walk side by side comparing/sizing each other up and the new comer won and took the herd of 15 cows. I called in two bulls and and snuck in close on another but the wind had it out for me. Even when I adjusted for it, it would manage to change just long enough to let them know I was there and since I was calling alone it made it hard to call them by me. My dad did get a cow with a rifle on a deperdation hunt. He decided to do that after one of his carbon arrows blew up while practicing and went through his hand. So I helped him get a cow off the hayfields. Which was great and all, but I had to do most of the work because he was only able to use one hand. My brother was up there this morning and he said he broke his record. He called in 6 bulls and missed one of the herd bulls at 40 yards. Now it's back to work and counting the days until next year.

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That is usually the joy that

That is usually the joy that comes out of archery hunting, the chances and what you will see during the early fall in the high country is something to behold. 

Too bad to hear that you dad had a arrow come apart on him.  There is a tip on here about flexing those carbon arrows to check for seperations before you shoot them and it would be a good reminder for all on here (myself included) to check them out next year before we start shooting.  Or even the rest of this year if your season runs later. 

Now you can start the countdown to next year when the fun will start all over again. 

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It sounds like you had a great time, with lots of close calls.

I hope your Dad heals fast.


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Sounds like a good hunt and

Sounds like a good hunt and conratulations to your dad on the cow. It can get pretty exciting watching the bulls strutt and bugle that close. The arrow deal with your dad sounds pretty nasty. Hope he alright.

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Thanks for all your comments. The arrow in my dad's hand will definately help remind me to check my arrows often and don't shoot tight groups when practicing.

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Sounds like fun was had...

Sounds like an awesome hunt. Hopefully next year.
Hope the hand heals up fine.

ps. We need to chase those elk together in the future. smile

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