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Idaho archer opens tomarrow!

What an asome day that must have been for you,thay are fast buggers .great story thanks Laugh Thumbs up

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Idaho archer opens tomarrow!

I scouted really hard here in Dietrich ID, this summer and had some really nice deer tied to a sage brush if you will. Opening evening I was walking into a blind I had built and had only moved 80 yards from the raod and I spotted the biggest buck I had been watching all summer, a really big 3 x 4, in a tall field of weeds ( last year's wheat gone to seed). It was blowing about 20 mph so he hadn't seen or heard me yet so I hit the dirt and watched him for about an hour. I hoped he would move my way but he bedded and I couldn't see him. I waited until it was almost dark then decided it was time to make something happen. I started crawling and within half an hour was 15 yards from where I thought he was bedded. I stood up and whistled, but he couldn't hear me because of the wind. I had to throw three rocks his direction before he stood up. I was at full draw but didn't realize that the weeds were so tall where he bedded. He stood there looking at me but couldn't see me and I couldn't see him. All I could see was his beautiful velvet antlers above the weeds. I sayed at full draw as he slowly moved through the weeds. Finally he was broadside in the clear at what I guessed was 45 yards and I let it go. I swear I took hair off his back. I paced it off and he was 38 yards. So hard to tell in that damn field. After that night enough kids from around here were hunting the corn fields I had scouted that I couln't locate any bucks. Awesome to see young kids hunting, but they sure get the bucks on the run. I was in a blind the other night and a doe stepped out at 12 yards and I watched her for a while then decieded to get deer season over with and put one through the ticker. Awesome meat, big doe, which I think we have too many of anyways so I'm satisfied, plus it was so much fun and 400 yards from my house. The next night my brother shot a doe out of the same blind. I LOVE BOWHUNTING!!

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Idaho archer opens tomarrow!

Congrats on the connection. I need to get serious and put one down. Getting out there and intimate with the game this time of year is a lot of fun.

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