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Idaho 39

I have a hunt that starts Aug 15 in unit 39. I have never hunted this time of year and am looking for any advice you might have. I have found the elevation and plan on hunting verticaly (catch the deer moving up and down). It appears the deer are moving up at night (out of the trees to feed), and down (to the shade) in the morning. Is this how they should be moving this time of year. It seems backwards to what I say last year hunting elk.

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Idaho 39

I have spent many many days in 39. There are 2 area's that I have seen some dandy bucks. I had a friend who had that same tag 2 years ago. We hunted the backside of Danskin out off of Blacks Creek. We also hunted the top of Holly Mountain and Bogus. I have heard of some dandy bucks being seen in the Atlanta area, but we never made it up there. He shot a 165" 4x5 on Holly. We glassed in the early morning from daylight to about 9 a.m. They were usually already bedded by 8:00 A.M. So the stalk was on soon after. Good luck.

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