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Ice is Breaking Up in Much of Michigan

The ice is breaking up around here pretty badly. I heard of several people who went through on Saginaw Bay the end of this week. Fortunately, there were no reports of deaths. This might just be the first winter in a few years that we don't have any drownings out there.

The rivers are all just about completely free of ice. The steelhead are starting to be found in the rivers with open seasons. The walleye were beginning to be caught just before the ice got bad on Saginaw Bay, but the rivers are close to walleye fishing until the last Saturday in April. That's when I hit the river.


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It's great to hear all the

It's great to hear all the nice weather you're getting.

It always amazed me even when I was a kid how many people went through the ice in the spring. I remember seeing pictures on teh news of people ice fishing just back from open water. I know they love their fishing but it seems a little common sense would be in order at some point.

Good luck when you can get out there after them.


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