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I wonder if this optic looks decent at all. Since it is quite inexpensive. Any recommendations?

I wonder if this optic looks decent at all. Since it is quite inexpensive. Any recommendations?


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For $45 you won't lose much

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For $45 you won't lose much if you try it but I doubt it will work well. Get a scope with the turrest and your looking at at least $250-$300 for a recent one. If it's going on something like a 223 rem, it'll probably work. For $45, I doubt it can handle much recoil. What are you thinking of putting it on?

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With a rifle scope you

With a rifle scope you shouldn't be chasing a low price point. With any type of optics, you get what you pay for. This one may handle recoild, but it will fog up and ruin the scope. The best use for it then is to be a doorstop.

I'd suggest to look at Leupolds or Nikons around $300, scope rings for around $40-50 and same price point for bases and mounts. Benefits of paying more for a rifle scope is that it is water and shock resistant and most importantly will hold its zero. Meaning that if you adjust click values, when you decide to return it back to zero, the reticle will be in the same place as before you adjusted. In addition, light transmission plays a big role. Most expensive part of any scope are the coatings on the lenses. Since most hunts are done in low-light conditions, this becomes an important factor.

Hope I helped clear up some things. You can see more in depth info here  http://www.opticsplanet.com/how-to-choose-riflescope.html.

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I agree with Alex, buying a scope isn't a good time to be cheap.

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