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I wish this forum was more used...

I don't intend to be 'wordy' here... but perhaps that may happen.

I grew up hunting... best days of my life, other than my family stories.

I got "out" of hunting some years ago... mostly because I couldn't find any 'hunters' anymore... MY term... people I knew loved the 'kill'... but that's not hunting, the way *I* interpret it.. and I'm not speaking for, nor chastising ANYone.  

It's changing for me today, with grandchildren.  Hunting once again appears to me the noble and wondrous activity it once was for me.  I am PROUD of it, or what it once was.  I do not want my grandkids to revel in 'killing'... I want them to understand what it means to be responsible hunters.  I want them to understand the full signifcance and meaning of what being a real 'hunter' actually means.  When the rest of the world, (I'm a farmer), believes that food grows on the shelves of your local supermarket I want my grandkids to know the TRUTH, and NOT be hypocrits.

In a world of what I perceive as 'chaos'... I can offer my grandkids something beyond the fallacies and what idealogues offer as 'truth'.  

I suppose, in fact I'm sure of it, that I always knew that hunting... at it's essence, was the best lesson I learned in this life.... and I mean to pass that on.

It's a bold, fresh, new day for me... to come back to my roots, with my grandkids in tow.  They probably will be like me... they will shed a tear when they take their first deer... HEY... they should...  I wouldn't want it any other way.  The 'hunting' experience IS compassion... mixed with reality, and absolutely withOUT the hypocrisy. 

This forum is NOT well participated in... I wish it was.  But it's still a wonderful discovery for me... to know that others still understand what being a hunter actually means... not what other's define us as, but what we actually ARE.  I'll stick around, even without many replies... because we have to keep the faith.

I have known, as you have, many people in my life... and with very few exceptions the BEST of whom I have known have been "Hunters".  

Even they fail miserably in life sometimes...  but I have never known a true 'hunter'... not a poacher, or 'killer', to fail in finding his true worth in what ethical 'hunting' was to him, or her.  

Just saying... - JamesJM



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Well Said

Welcome back to hunting, it will be a good thing for your grand kids to learn, and you will get to spend some quality time together,

the site has been a little dead lately, all of them i go to are, but it will pick back up soon.


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Welcome to BGH! Always nice

Welcome to BGH! Always nice to see folks participating in the forums. We do have a great group of people here, but a bit slow at the moment. 

Lots of stories, articles and info, so do explore the site. It has literally years worth of content for the avid hunter!

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Welcome aboard !


I am very glad to read that you are getting back into hunting and to do it for the grandkids, even better ! Yes I hope to read and even see some pics in the future of the future hunts. There is absolutely nothing better than teaching the kids about everything that goes with the aspect of hunting.

Good luck !


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Wow, quick replies...

I didn't expect that.. but loved it.  

Total agreement... I really believe that one of the best things I can offer my grandkids is the joy of 'hunting'.  We may not get a deer this coming season.. BUT.. we'll camp out on my ranch, we'll eat VERY well... we'll study the stars at night... we'll get 'used' to the bats buzzing our cots  Big smile , we'll get stuck by some cactus and bleed a little, we'll drink warm water in excessive heat, we'll snicker at the release of the previous nights beans, and we'll follow in the footsteps of my Dad, and his Dad... and we'll take home an experience that will be remembered as long as I have remembered my experiences.. back to the 50's.  

Thanks for the welcomes.. it's "good" to be  home again. - JamesJM

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Welcome to the forum. Always

Welcome to the forum. Always good to see and hear from other hunters/outdoorsman. I agree with you and the rest of the folks on here. Getting the kids and grand kids out hunting and fishing is very important to me too. The lessons learned on a weekend camp out, fishing trip or hunting is worth more than its weight in gold. As for this site it is a great place but since it is mid January it is a bit slow. Once the regulation come out for 2012 and folks start putting in appliacations I think you will see more activity. Also once spring bear and turkey starts there will be more folks talking.   

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Pretty good write up there.

Pretty good write up there. I've been out of big game a number of years. Seem's like with to many people the hunt is the bullet impact and little more. And it is amazing how many hunter's I find that have absolutely no respect for the game they hunt! I listen to people on other sites that are deep into seeing how far away they can kill something. I wonder if they really can't get closer? I've seen photo's of dead game posted that is little more than a pile of gore! It's sad thet so many of these people are out there. My grandfather would be appaled.

Welcome aboard. What state are you from?

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Central CA.

Hi Don, born and raised in a very small town in central CA.... farmer.  The ranch I'm speaking of is near Coalinga, CA... a little over an hour from my home.  Far enough to feel like I'm 'getting away' when there but close enough that I can take of on any spur of the moment impluse and be there quickly.  - JamesJM

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Well said, I wish I could put

Well said, I wish I could put my feelings into words as well as you, I wouldnt hesitate to post more often. I'm thinking about cracking open a can of beans right now. Or just looking forward to spending time with the kids this year....Thanks for the post. Good luck with the grandkids.

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Very well said. It's good to

Very well said. It's good to hear there are more people out there passing down the hunting heritage to the kids. My kids love going hunting with me even though they're not old enough to hunt yet. I signed my 2 oldest up for our state hunter safety coarse that starts in April. My oldest will be able to hunt this fall so he's excited for that. The main reason I switched to archery hunting was for my safety. I cannot beleave how many people out there with rifles shooting at every little sound they hear in the woods. The second reason was I wanted to challenge myself and get better at my stalking skills.

As far as the site being slow. It's just that time of year. pretty much all the site I check out are pretty dead right now. Like someone else said it will pick up here pretty fast as application season is upon us. Then comes the draw results and people wanting info on areas for the tags they drew, and then the hunting seasons begin and it will slow down a bit again as hunters will be in the woods hunting. Now if there's a contest on the site then all heck breaks loose and people come out of the wood work and this site get a lot of traffic.

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I wasn't thinking...

I should have realized that it not being hunting season, really... THAT would explain the number of posts being slow.  My mistake.

Numbnutz, I also switched over to Archery for a long time, same reason you mention but also... it involves the type of hunting that I prefer; and in fact I was hunting with my rifle the way one would with a bow... so I converted.  Big smile  Never very successful, but I love it.  

Eventually it's the type of hunting I want my grandsons to join me in.  - JamesJM

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