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I Wish

When every I start working a load on a new load for a new rifle, I try to find the projectile that the barrel likes the best. Just becasue your last (Rifle type) like one brand of bullets does not mean your next one may not like that brand or that weight.

I would love to have the makes produce a trial pack of 15. I could build 3 groups of 5. If I like the proformance I will buy the boxes, if I don't like them I am not stuck with 85 bullets that do not profom in the gun.

I have lots of pactical boxes from what I though would work, but the gun does not like them.

Have a good day


M. Bird

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Trial packs

Several months ago I read about somebody doing just that. Can't remember where I read it. What bullet's you wanting to try out? You might be able to get someone on here to sell you a few if they have them.

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While you are wishing for

While you are wishing for bullets in a 5 pack how about powder in 1/4 pound cans?  I can always get rid of bullets but the powder is something else.  I still have a few cans of powder that I bought years ago to try out and found out that I either didn't like it or it just wasn't right for what I reload for.  But id does make for good fertilizer on the tomato plants.   

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How about a sticky post where guys can post bullets they'd like to trade?

Lets say I have some VLD's and you have some accubond.  I'd like to try a few of yours, you wanna try some of mine.  We could swap.  If someone did not come trough on their part of the deal, the most you'd be out is a hand bull of bullets and a few $$ postage.

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There is a company that just

There is a company that just started doing this for the reason posted but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the outfit right now. I saw them advertise on the Sportsmans channel a few days ago. If I see it again I'll post it up.

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