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I need some blacktail experience
billythekidrock wrote:
Here in the South Sound / Coastal area, I don't think our blacktails drink! I have watched ponds and water holes for years and have never had any luck doing it. Of course I have seen deer drink from streams, but never when hunting. The fall is so wet and the underbrush so thick that they don't have to move from their beds to get a sip.

Blacktails in washington do not need to go to lakes rivers ponds etc. al they need are some wet leafs from the mornin dew or wet moss that they might eat anything that soaks up water or lets water puddle up on. Blacktail are very different from mulies and whitetails in there eating drinking and traveling habits. the bucks in my area are just inside the timber of a 3 or 4 year old clearcut and they just hang out right there. Good luck to everyone on the OCT 13th opener.

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I need some blacktail experience

water????? waste of time, guess most of us agree on that. those big bucks get all they need from moisture in grass ----Well even though the seasons done, hopefully my opinion might help you out one day: stick with the trails from the thick cover. Eventually he will step out of the cover. those big bucks come out but not often. and he wont be far from whats familiar. thats why they can slip away, they know every path in and out-- most important is to just be there. big bucks aren't easy, increase your odds by being there as long as it takes-- everyday is usually what it takes!! good luck buck hunter.

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I need some blacktail experience

waterholes.. I just gotta laugh!! that's too funny..

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I need some blacktail experience

water holes in s. cal r u serious. just being funny. ive never even considered that but i have looked for acorn trees ect. i know they love those now only if i can find one where there are no hunters that is the tough one robert

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