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I need help with calling in whitetails

i am fairly new to hunting whitetails and id like to know more about calling them in. id like to know some techniques, when to call and when not to call, how much to call. if anyone can helpme out it would be great because whitetail season is approching and i am preparing and id like to be able to have somewhat of an idea of what im doing outthere. any suggestions? the calls i have are a buck grunt, knight & hale pack rack, and some doe and estrus bleats.

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the things that have worked

the things that have worked for me.early season using horns and just lightly hitting them(not a full blown fight)and grunting.as the rut gets closer get more aggrssive.also used grunt calls,cant say ive ever called one in with a grunt call,but it can stop them,i also use it while im rattling..the closer your buck to doe ratio in the area you hunt is the better sucess calling will be


all that said im not a big caller.im biggest recomendation would to be hunt funnels.

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whitetail deer


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The biggest thing is just

The biggest thing is just patience. If the deer sense there is a person around they will not be visible.

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Check out youtube. They

Check out youtube. They actually have some pretty good videos on there for calling deer. Then practice every chance you get in the car and at home. Everyone but the deer will thing your nuts.

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It is for certain a big learning curve to call white tail deer. What works up here for me may not work worth a dam for you. One thing for sure is that once i have the deer spotted I  quit calling so the deer cannot pinpoint me and will search the area a bit. But once he loses interest in his adversary he will usually leave, so once you spot him and stop calling take your 1st good window of opportunity if he offers a shot. If he sees you he is now educated and will likely not make that mistake again anytime soon.  jmho

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