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I just drew a Muzzleloader Mule Deer tag for Colorado Unit 61 (Uncompahgre Plateau), looking for advice.

I just found out online i was successful drawing my Muzzleloader Mule Deer tag for unit 61 & i'm extemely excited!! Considering the time it takes to draw in this unit, this will probably be the best Mule Deer tag i ever draw, so i would appreciate any advice you have. I've been doing some research prior and thinking of focusing on the northern portion, either one have better deer numbers? 

  • Are there areas only accesed by Atv's or would you leave it at home?
  • With all the roads on the Plateau what are some of the more remote areas?
  • In mid Sept are the Mule Deer typically in the Oak Scrub & Apen Stands?
  • Any streams for trout fishing?

I'd love to hear any hunting stories from the Uncompahgre, deer, elk, bear.... always fun to talk hunting, feel free to pm me. Thanks for your time, Brian





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Muzzy unit 61 muleys !


Congrats on a super tag and welcome to BGH ! Atv's - There are designated trails for atvs and motorcycle only trails. The atvs don't seem to bother the deer as much as they do the elk. I would bring your atv just in case, but I would not use it to hunt off of.

The main way to get away is to drop into those big nasty canyons. It is big country even though there seems to be lots of roads and trails it is not to hard to get away.

You will find big muleys from the top to the bottom of the unit. The bulk of the bucks will be in the heavy oakbrush, especially when that velvet comes off. They like the transition zones where the quakeys meet the oakbrush and where the oakbrush meets the pinions and junipers.

Most of the streams hold trout. Mainly brookies, cutthroats, rainbows, and evey once in a while you catch a brown.

Good luck with your hunt !






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Congratulations on the tag.

Congratulations on the tag. Quinton is the expert on that area so I would listen to his advice. I have only hunted up in that area on one hunt and that was back in 97 for a mountain lion. It's been so long I don't even know if I could remember how to get back up there.

I took a big cat in Dominguez canyon on January 5th so even my memory of the terrain would do you no good. No matter what time of year though it is beautiful country and I'm sure you will have a great time.

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Unit 61 Deer

Thanks fellas. It sounds and looks like some interesting country. I can't wait. Anyone spend much time up in the Blue Mesa or Nucla areas (Western side)?

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Congrats on the draw, and

Congrats on the draw, and welcome to BGH!

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Congrats on that tag i hope

Congrats on that tag i hope to hunt there some day

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Congratulations! Thumbs up  That sounds like a good unit to be in and a fantastic mule deer hunt.  I can not offer any advice that would be useful, so I will just congratulate you on the successful draw and say Good Luck!


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