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I hate it when

you shoot a deer and it is nowhere to be found. i shot a nice buck the second morning of kentuckys modern gun season. rut was in full and he was chasing 4 does. i shot through some brush and new i hit him he ran don a little jill and where i couldnt see. i heard him fal and i thought (o yea i got em). i went and checked. thought for sure he was down then when i got in sight he hopped up and then i heard himm fall again after a few hops and i told myself i wold let him sit. well an hour later i went back and got almost to where i knew he was and he jumped up again and i took another shot i guess i missed because i found the bullet laying on the ground. i searched the area where his last blood was for 2 hours with my dad. he was nowhere! it made me feel really bad. but i guess it happens to everyone at sometime.

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I hate it when

" You found the bullet lying on the ground"?? A person learns from their mistakes for sure. Only problem is that this is not your last mistake. So I guess we're always learning. What really will piss you off is when we make the same mistake again.
As my darling wife says: It's a man thing isn't it, you can't admit you screwed up"
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I hate it when

What did you do, throw it at him?

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I hate it when

LMAO@ Hunter....I was wondering the same thing.....And Hammer.....You know Hammerette is right as always neener!

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I hate it when

Not sure what could happen that you could of found your bullet on the ground, that's a new one on me.The first mistake it sounds like you made was shooting through brush but the biggest mistake you made in not being able to find him was not giving that deer about 6-8 hrs before you tried to retrieve him. If you would have backed out the first time you jumped him most likely you would have found him dead right where you jumped him the second time. He evidently was hurt pretty bad to have bedded down like that twice on you in such a short time. Sorry you didn't find him but like Hammer 1 said you have to learn from mistakes. Next time you shoot one and you don't see him go down for good give him some time and if you still jump him back off and go get lunch and kill several hours and then go find him. If it is an evening hunt come back the next day and give him all night.

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I hate it when

I did that one time.ONE TIME.gust north of you in tipp city Ohio.My dad told me to let it go for about 3 hours but no I hade to look at it.The thing jumped across the street to some other hunters.The buck was only a 5 pt.

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I hate it when

As SJ said, shooting through the brush was your first mistake.

Don't take the shot unless it's a clean, unobstructed field of view. Bullets travel at such an unbelievably high velocity, you'd be amazed at how far off a little twig can send them...sometimes.

They're also unpredictable. I once heard a story from a state trooper about a guy who had been shot at close range and the bullet traveled around his skull...inside the skin!

Take a clean shot, make a clean kill. Better luck next time, buddy. Thumbs up