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I guess this one lost

So when I was in school my dad was out hunting and his tree stand sits next to a pond. He was glassing and saw a deer floating in it. When he got down he went over and it was a six with its eye galged out. no other holes at all.

The night before he saw the six chasing does and there was also a monster in the area watching him and not doing anything.

Think the big one might have busted him up over night next to the pond?

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I guess this one lost

thats crazy...gotta have respect for elders....do you have any pics?

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I guess this one lost

I've never heard of a buck dying from sparring before.

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I guess this one lost

Every once in awhile you hear of 2 bucks getting their antlers locked together and one or both dying.

Sounds like the six messed with the wrong guy's woman. sad

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