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i got a Firearms tag for 2nd season deer........now what ? ?

so i drew a firearms tag for the 2nd firearms deer season.

last year was my first attempt at bow hunting and deer hunting......i plan to bow hunt again this year.

but whats the best way to firearms hunt during the end of Nov. and begining of Dec.? the season is nov 29 to dec 2.

is is best to walk around slowly? use a stand or a blind?

how does the deer behavior change from early season.

I'm really open to anything....i've only found a few articles online and they didnt help much.

i put in my vacation days.....and i plan to be out there from dusk till dawn!!!

thanks guys

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i got a Firearms tag for 2nd season deer........now what ? ?

Well, I have always monitered their behavior close to the end of the early season. Their behavior wont change that much. It will be post rut so, you might even get lucky and catch 2 bucks together. I have always used a stand/blind. Being out there all day will help. A lot of times you can catch them traveling across a field or threw the woods in mid-afternoon, so patience is key. Best of luck to you and hope this helps a little.


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i got a Firearms tag for 2nd season deer........now what ? ?

Use a stand/blind and set up between their bedding area and food source. You should try to get as close as you can to the bedding area without spooking them.

Look for a rub-line or primary scrapes. Funnel areas that pinch deer movement and activity through a narrow area should also be utilized.

Try to have several stand sites ready and stay out all day.

I would also suggest what I like to call, "low impact scouting." Get your setups ready now and stay out of the woods until you're ready to hunt. Personally, I like to have everything ready for the upcoming season by the end of May. Although, there are occasions where I gain access to a proprty too late to do so. In instances such as this, I try to contaminate the area as little as possible. Try to scout without spooking any deer.

During that time of year, a buck will be susceptible to a grunt call. However, I would caution you to only use it in a instance where you can see a buck, but don't think you'll get a shot. You might be able to draw him in.

Always pay extra attention to wind direction. Make sure the deer aren't down wind of you. If you're trying to get a cagey old buck for the wall, hunt where the wind is almost wrong for you, and almost right for him.

When planning your setups, it always helps to have access routes planned for different wind directions. The last thing you want to do is have a great setup, but spook all of the deer out of the area on your way in or out. Avoid crossing open fields where deer feed in the early morning hours prior to daylight.

Lastly, make all of your setups as portable as possible. You will want to have the ability to improvise your hunting strategies and adapt your hunt to any possible changes in deer activity.

Best of luck, and my apologies for being longwinded.

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