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Ditto pretty much what

Ditto pretty much what everyone else says.  There is ZERO failure in that story.  Yu last paragraph says it all.  You had a fun week in camp, saw lots of animals, and you had some great father and son time.  Heck, you can barely get alot of kids his age to want to talk to youabout anything these days, let alone talk about school, friends, and everything else.

You have a hunting partner for life.  I am sure you will have many more "faliures" like this in your life with him, but I wouldn't trade any of them, if I were you!

Congrats on a great hunt!! My oldest son is still 5, and I can't wait for the day.

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thanks for all the kind words

thanks for all the kind words guys.  We had a ball. One thing that disappointed both of us (me more than him) was zero bear encounters.  I shot one in 06 and have a great full body mount in my office.  Since then I really never had the desire to shot another one until know.  The last few years the weather has been good for bears and the oak brush was loaded with berries.  Last year I seen almost more bears than I seen elk.  One of them was a huge cinnamon.  I saw him 2 times.  The last time I saw him he was several hundered yards away across a drainage.  I had him and an adult cow elk in the feild of veiw in my binos and they looked the same size.  I thought right then it was time for another bear tag.

Well just as I thought that bear tag worked just like the best repellent money can buy.  I never saw a bear and hardly any sign.  What I did see for sign was old. Anyone have any good recipes for tag soup?

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Failed???!!  I think you did

Failed???!!  I think you did an amazing job and I cant tell you how impressed I am with your kiddo passing up that shot.  What a great learning opportunity for him and you have obviously done a good job teaching him the basics.  Congratulations on being a good parent--that is more important than being a good guide anyway!!!

By the way--I know quite a few guys that have paid a lot of money for a guide that did not show them the numbers of animals that you saw--and you did it on public land--so I guess you are a pretty good guide afterall.  Maybe you have a future career blooming!!!

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Well first I agree with the

Well first I agree with the others in that there was no failure in this story at all. I'm very imnpressed with the composure your son showed and the responses he had for you. My kids would have never even considered passing a shot at any animal we came across. Even now it's not very likely. COngratulaions on a great hunt that was successful in many more important ways.

Missing the school is not a big deal in with the way we think and the way most of us were raised. It's just the way some people think anymore who don't realize what's really important in life.

And actually when I was a kid it waqs common in some areas for the schools to just close for deer season as even the teachers would be gone.

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Just as others have said I

Just as others have said I see no failyre at all in what you did.  Sure we always wanna get our kids a animal their first time out but thats why we call it hunting.  I would love to be able to get a shooting oppurtunity every time out but we all now that is not the case.  Sounds to me like you did a great job getting him in the filed and getting him all fired up for hunting the up and coming years to come.  Great job in getting him out into the woods and you will have many more years to chase all the critters around.

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  Wow - that is a great


Wow - that is a great father & son adventure and a memory to which neither of you will EVER forget!  Absolutely no failure here - just great father/son time together doing what you love together.  You have a great son and a great hunting partner.  Having both be the same is priceless. 


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