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I drew who else?

Hey fellers, I lucked out and without any preference points pulled a Bull Muzzleloader tag. I am getting the fever bad and got all summer yet. I also pulled my Buck Antelope rifle tag and expect to get my muzzleloader buck tag. Thrown in a muzzle bear tag and this year is going to be fun to say the least.

Who else has drawn?

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I drew who else?

I always hunt second rifle season and after the last two years (shot a 320 bull and a bear, 340 bull last year) if I take something to the taxidermist the wife is going to kill me. So I put in for a cow tag. i checked the draw stats. yesterday and did not draw. So I guess if I can't get a leftover tag for the area I hunt I will be buying another bull tag.
As luck shold have it the day before season last year I had a 360 bull at 250 yrds and if he made it through 3rd and 4th seasons and the winter didn't get him he should really be a Jim Dandy this year. HEX HEX on all hunters unti 2nd season. neener! Evil! Big smile

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I drew who else?

I drew muzzleloader bull too!

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I drew who else?

I drew a PLO tag in unit 51 for cows as a second choice and got another preference point.

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I drew who else?

didn't draw. looks like i'm going OTC this year

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I drew..twice

Cow elk GMU 15. Buck deer GMU 15. Both third season. Thumbs up

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I drew who else?

Preference points and OTC for me.

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I drew who else?

GMU 43- cow, buck. 3rd rifle Big smile

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I drew who else?

Didn't get my first choice.
I drew a point plus a tag for 4th season CO unit 74. Will buy an OTC tag as well.

This is public land, very low overall success rate, but I have taken 9 elk from this unit over the years.

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