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I am off to the SHOT Show

I am off to the SHOT Show

I am out of the store and off to the SHOT Show.
Neil is left behind @ the store to take care of Sports Optics and Joel is there to handle Cameras.
Please feel free to e-mail Neil @ cameralandneil@aol.com or Joel @ cameraland@aol.com to see how they are doing handling things in my absence. I am sure they would appreciate the attention.

I have set up appointments with all the mfgs that we are currently authorized dealers for as well as appointments to meet with Trijicon, Vanguard, Carson Optics, Sellmark and a few others to see what they have to offer and see if it makes sense for us to carry their products.

I left Friday wide open to just walk the show and see what I can see that would also make sense to add to our product line. Who knows what I may find, but you can be sure I will have my eyes open.

As usual I will do my best to obtain a truck load of demo goods from the show and do a post and e-mail blast when I return of all those goodies.

I will do my best to check e-mails and PM's while I am there. Joel will be checking my e-mails during business hours too so that way all the orders can get processed efficiently while I am working the show.

Have a great week. I will post my SHOT Show report when I return.

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Keep us posted. Have fun at

Keep us posted. Have fun at the show!

Looking forward to your report.

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