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Although I guess the bears

Although I guess the bears could still be a problem I would still take the gun I am most comfortble with. That's a long way to go and I would want to tke the gun I shoot the best and a .270 is definately a good one for deer.

Please be sure to give us a full report after your hunt as I am very interested in this one. The hunt itself, the boat you used and what he charges under normal circumstances, any other charges you ran into that are not normal or were unexpected.

Good luck on your hunt and waiting for the report.

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kodiak boat

Can you please tell us which boat are you going with? I am also considering to get a boat to stay on at Kodiak around December.


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I will write a report on the

I will write a report on the blacktail hunt when I get home for sure guys! let you know everything that happened and how to go about doing it for yourself. I also just submitted my Nevada mule deer application, so if successful I'll let you know how that goes as well! Thanks for all the help!

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I have a friend in Alaska that has hunted the island a good bit, although I'm not sure exactly what month(s) normally. He hunts deer there with his M77 in .350 RM as he's very wary about the "dinner bell syndrome" there. I'm afraid I'm one of those who wonder exactly what overkill is Huh?

It sounds like your trip is coming together very well and I wish you the best of luck! I can say honestly that perhaps my favorite outdoor memory ever was the sighting of a large grizzly while hunting black bear during my trip to Alaska last June. I hope you are lucky enough to see the same very special (and safe) thing yourself. They are very, very impressive animals.

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