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I Am An Ethical Sportsman Because....

How do you answer this question?
I have alot of answers, but I'd like to read yours! Let's have it......... ; )

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I Am An Ethical Sportsman Because....

heck of a ? due to so many answers, but, me personally, i wont take a shot unlees i know that its gonna be true and hit, i dont want to wound the animal and then not find it. it sort of falls in between ethics and morals..:smile: .not wanting the animal to suffer. im not going to go and shoot an animal just for something to do either.

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I Am An Ethical Sportsman Because....

Because, I give a damn if I leave one for the vultures.

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I Am An Ethical Sportsman Because....

Because....I have to live with the decisions I make!

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I Am An Ethical Sportsman Because....

Because I:
Identify my target
Hit my target
Eat my target

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I Am An Ethical Sportsman Because....

because ever since i got the chance to guide for a big hunt that my grandfather let on our ranch while i was in the army i only hunt varments

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