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Huntingn unit 521 in Colorado

We are going out the 3rd season and will be hunting around the thousand acres flats area.  We are using an outfitter that will setup drop camp and give us the lay of the land.  She has been exceptional in this area.  We would like to know what other hunters have experienced from this unit in general or the area.  This is my second trip out and the first for the other 3 people in our party (including my wife).  It appears that the area has scrub oak & aspen for cover with some pretty step terrain in places?  Also from what I have read on the web it does have its fair share of hunting pressure?  There does seem to be a large bear population around the area and may offer additional opportunities?  We have also read that this area doesn't hold a lot of large bulls and this is ok as our expectations on not on a 340 class bull. We are wonder if anyone that has hunted the unit in general or the thousand acres flats area has any additional info that they maybe able to offer us.    Thanks ahead time for all your help.

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Your right about the scrub

Your right about the scrub oak but " a lot " doesn't even begin to describe it in some of 521. I lived in Paonia for 6 years and spent a bit of time hunting 521. Thousand Acre flat is one of the areas that the scrub oak isn't as bad. You won't see a lot of big bulls but they are around. The thing that I didn't like is there is an ATV trail system up there and it get's a ton of local hunters at times. Lot's of Aspen valley's on top though. It's an enjoyable place to hunt. Drop me an email and I can give you a few names to contact over there, but one of them might be your guide...Laugh

I wouldn't go without a bear tag in your pocket. I have seen a lot of bear in that area.

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