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Hunting in Wisconsin

A friend and I are looking to take a week and go hunting/fishing/camping in

Wisconsin. We are looking at hunting a variety things. Woodcock will be our

primary hunt, but are also looking for some good waterfowl hunting and some

fishing on the side. We plan on going sometime in late September and early

October. I am here asking if someone might know of a good area to do all of the

above mentioned activities. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Hunting in Wisconsin

I'm not much of a bird hunter, but the alot of people seem to gather up around the Park Falls area for birds. There's also plenty of water up there as well. The link is for the chamber of commerce up there. Hope it helps, good luck



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Hunting in Wisconsin

If upland birds are your primary target you can't go wrong w/ the park falls area. I killed a few woodcock/ruffed grouse up around that area when I lived in WI. Plus lots of good fishing and plenty of lakes nearby. As far as waterfowl I'd probably look towards the Mississippi R. somewhere but I've no first-hand experience w/ that area.

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Hunting in Wisconsin

I might suggest going up to Rice Lake area in Barron County, WI, excellent bird hunting (Grouse & Woodcock), adequate waterfowl and great Small Mouth Bass fishing on the Red Cedar River... Good Luck!

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Hunting in Wisconsin

For good upland bird hunting in Wisconsin I would look to Iron county in the far northern wisconsin there are miles of county land for hunting. there are flowages and rivers for waterfowl and fishing plus the fall colors will be awsome. Check out Hurleywi.com for chamber links