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Hunting whitetail in Sask?

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a hunt in Saskatchewan next november.

I was wondering if some of you guys from the ouest can point me to some website or other information that get me in contact with some local land owner that would be interested by leasing their land or any info regarding public land is also welcome.

Thanks for your help


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Hunting whitetail in Sask?

If your a non- resident i'm pretty sure you have to go through an outfitter or be a guest hunter through a resident that you can hunt with. I'm not a 100% on it.

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Hunting whitetail in Sask?

No not in sask. I can go there by my own and find a place to hunt

In alberta I need someone to be able to hunt their. A local resident.

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Hunting whitetail in Sask?

Under current regulations (and this is under review so make sure to check before you go) a Cdn resident does not require the services of an outfitter or a "hunter host", although they are somewhat limited in zones and seasons (nothing huge, but there are some limits). Generally Cdn/Nonres hunters limited to the forest zones (which are 99% Crown Land anyway) and the later portions of the "farmland" and "forest fringe zones" seasons which are mostly private land.

Non-residents (ie: non Canadians) DO require an outfitter.

Assuming that you are a Canadian resident, leasing land is not required. Under SK law unless land is CLEARLY POSTED OTHERWISE you do not require permission to hunt it ON FOOT. Land owners know this, so if it's not posted and you can't find out who owns it to ask it's a pretty safe bet they're OK with you hunting there, provided you exercise good manners and don't damage crops (notably winter wheat that may be planted and not up yet),, close gates etc etc .

Of course it's alway good ettiquette to ask permission, and this in SK is easy, as all landowners are registered at the local Rural Municipality office (there'll probably be a big map on the wall showing land descriptions and who owns it). This can get tricky with rentals, and folks like my father who no longer live there, but its much easier than anywhere else I've lived and hunted.

Any more questions, ask or PM away.


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