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Hunting on TV????

Hey guys - just wanted to let you know... Canada In The Rough has just begun it's second run of a 13-week series on Global. It can be viewed a number of times each weekend (if you include watching it on Wild TV & MenTV).

The schedule is:

Station Airing Time
Beginning September 4, 2005
Global Atlantic- CIHF Sunday @ 6:30am
Global Quebec - CKMI Sunday @ 8:00am
Global Ontario - CIII Sunday @ 8:00am
Global Manitoba - CKND Sunday @ 7:00am
Global Regina - CFRE Sunday @ 8:30am
Global Saskatoon - CFSK Sunday @ 8:30am
Global Calgary - CICT Sunday @ 8:00am
Global Edmonton - CITV Sunday @ 8:00am
Global BC - CHAN Sunday @ 7:30am

Station Airing Time
Beginning July 3, 2005
CH Montreal - CJNT Saturday @ 8:00am
CH Hamilton - CHCH Saturday @ 8:00am
CH Red Deer - CKRD Saturday @ 8:00am
CH Kelowna - CHBC Saturday @ 8:00am
CH Vancouver Island - CHEK Saturday @ 8:00am

Beginning July 10 2005 Sundays @ 12pm, 8pm & 4am

Wild TV
Beginning June 27, 2005 Mondays @ 4am Fridays @ 7pm Saturdays @ 3:30am
Sundays @ 9:30am

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Hunting on TV????

All the dish services have tonnes on them but cable is gone to the dogs.

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