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My favorite shows are

My favorite shows are Eastmans hunting, i like there public land DIY style hunting, I also like western extreme with Jim Burnsworth. I'm not really into most of theshows where there hunting on ranches with almost tame wildlife where they make it seem like its a wild hunt. Yea its nicw to always shoot those 170-190 class deer but I'd get more satifaction fron a 130 public land deer i worked my butt off for. those are the type of shows i like.

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The channels I get don't seem to offer much for hunting programming so I watch whatever I can find.  What I LIKE are shows that include things liek doe harvests and fair chase hunting.  I get bored with "private land" aka high fence hunts that shoot monster bucks week after week.  I'd much rather watch an honest hunt for a spike than see a ranch raised mineral fed bruiser get whacked AGAIN.

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My favorite is Jim Shockey

My favorite is Jim Shockey when he goes after moose and sheep or about anything else. Just wish I could go on one of those hunts with him or his crew. Just takes $$$.

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TV hunting shows

JSmitty wrote:

My favorite is Jim Shockey when he goes after moose and sheep or about anything else. Just wish I could go on one of those hunts with him or his crew. Just takes $$$.

I like Shockey's shows also.  He has good variety, hunting all over the world.  Like JSmitty said, it "Just takes $$$."

I also like several of the African hunting shows like Boddington's and Under Wild Skies, and Expedition Safari.

I just get sick of all the shows with some Bubba sitting in a treestand or a box blind to shoot a whitetail doe with his bow, and spending half of the show talking about it.

Someone else mentioned the On Your Own Adventures where Randy filmed Vaughn shooting his great ram.  That was a good show.  Both of those guys are hard hunters.

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I only have basic cable so

I only have basic cable so don't have to many options. I've found most of the stuff on Versus this time of year comes on about 4 in the morning here. Thats when I'm waking up for work and usually watch for about an hour. Mostly fishing right now though.

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all best serials

I viewed a display recently where the guy was capturing clay-based best pigeons with his bow before a pheasant search. If that's the one you're referring to, I believed it was amazing. I've seemed for it since then, but I can't keep in mind the name of the display either. If anyone else knows the name of the display, please discuss it with us. all best serials

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Melissa Bachman

Anything with Melissa Bachman.

She offered to help my wife with learning to shoot a bow and that made me a fan.

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Favorite Show

Hey, this post is two years old! Times have changed and so have the hunt shows. Too many good ones, Pigman, Dead Dog Walking, Wanted:Ted or Alive.... but my all time favorite is Steven Rinella's "MeatEater" on the Sportman Channel. http://themeateater.com/

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Meat Eater

I have to admit that I really like what Steven Renella has done to promote hunting and meat eating.  I do have to wonder where he really stands on guns and gun rights though, but that's another story.  But I do admire him for promoting hunting and game cuisine.

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Thank you

thanks you for this post and the comments
Now I know what TV shows are about hunting and fishing
I like watching this kind of shows
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