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Hunting trip

wanted to post a few pics from my last outing, hope you guys enjoy. I'm in unit 43 here with my brother who drove in for a few days to join me on a hunt. I have both Elk and Deer tags, saw a lot of Deer including some nice bucks, all out of range. I had broadside shots at some does on numerous occasions, too early yet. Anyway...

Sorry in advance, I am new to this, I meant to add the photos in opposite order starting with just arriving to camp the day before and sighting in my bow. I know I didnt give you guys much here, it was just really meaningful to me because I haven't seen my bro in a long time and getting to hunt with him, succesful or not was a real treat. Also, I'll post a pic of a real nice buck I saw as soon as I get the photo from my buddy. Enjoy, comments welcome.

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Hunting trip

Keep them coming man. I know how important it is to spend time hunting with the family. My brother and I usually hunt together every year, this years been the first time he couldnt make it.

I'm hunting unit 47 right next to 43. I havn't seen much this year but I've hunted hard. I'm headed back out soon for the weekend. Good luck this weekend hope you guys enojoy yourselves and keep the story and pics coming.

Those does taste beter anyways and you can't eat horns. lol

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Idaho deer

Will be hunting Idaho for deer next Month. Is anyone familiar with Area 59a? I hiked in back in July, but not too sure how much defferent it's going to be in October.

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Idaho deer

Will be hunting Idaho for deer next month. Is anyone familiar with Area 59a? I hiked in back in July, but not too sure how much different it's going to be in October.

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hey keep up the pics i am comin out to unit 43 for 3rd rifle season and if u hav any tips on the area let me know thanx

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Hunting trip


59A and 59 is where I grew up hunting, so I know the area like the back of my hand.

I've seen some nice bucks this year so far, from the head end of Crooked Creek all the way out to the desert near Dubois.

It's a popular spot for most. My advice is to arrive the day before the opener if you are camping. if not get to your desired destination way way before sun up. Last year, we got beat by some hunters to our usual spot, so we wasted valuable time traveling to another local.

As far as change goes, things got dry really fast. I dont know if you remember how green and plush it was in July, but it's changed. There is still a lot of semi-green vegitation. I've been up there every weekend since then end of August.

hope that helps you out.

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