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hunting themed tattoo's

Anybody have any hunting themed tattoo's you would like to show off? I know a lot of guys don't like them at all but on the other hand I've seen some really good ones. I don't have any at all myself right now but my son has 2 of them. He got them when he was 16 with my ex wifes permission just to tick me off.

But they are not bad anyway. I don't have a picture right now but will get one soon to attach.

He has a scopes crosshairs just below his neck in the middle of his back anf that is frames by an els antlers that have the tips coming up to each shoulder with a skull mount in the middle of hi back below the crosshairs.

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Don't have now & most liklely won't ever have any - with the fur God & mother nature gave me the only tat that'd make sense would be a bear & then you couldn't find it.  I've always appreciated quality tattoos however for the skill and artristry needed to do it properly.  I've seen some tattoos of wild animals and hunting related subjects that were just amazing & thought that having a tattoo to commemorate & honor each species of animal taken would be kind of interesting.

That said, if I was to actually get a tat or two, I'd have to start with important things that would keep me out of trouble - stuff like anniversary & birth dates; stuff that I probably shouldn't but do forget. 

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