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Hunting swap with UK

 I am looking to exchange hunting experiences with other hunting enthusiasts – all offers considered. I live on a farm in theUK, on the border betweenScotlandandEngland. We have a really good driven pheasant carried out in the traditional British way, with a team of 8 or so guns standing on pegs as beaters flush pheasants from the woods. Bags will vary from 150 to 300 in a day depending on what the guns wish. There is plenty of other game such as snipe, woodcock, hares, duck, geese. Quality salmon fishing is also available.

I have access to good roe stalking over 2500 acres and will shoot good representative bucks each year. Some muntjac (an introduced Asian deer species) may be available and depending on the year, and as a professional deer manager I may also be able to extend hunting opportunities to other deer species within the UK, such as reds and fallow, though this is not a given at any moment in time. At the least, I could offer hunt contacts for these species that will charge significantly less than that advertised via internet.

I am looking to exchange hunting experiences with real enthusiasts who would be able to reciprocate the hosting with a different quarry in their country. Guests would stay with me as any of my friends might – no money involved. I am not set on anything or anywhere in particular and will consider anything  Please leave me a message if you’d be interested. 

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Very generous

That's a very generous offer, but before you get swindled every Canadian province I know of requires non-Canadian residents to use a licenced guide and outfitter in order to legally hunt.

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  I am a US Forces member and spent some time in the UK.  We lived in a barn conversion on a large farm in Icklingham (Suffolk, near Bury St Edmonds) which held Reds, Roes and muntjacs.  The farm was near the Elveden Estate which helped the game numbers.  Unfortunately, the owner would not hunt or allow it on his land (although he did shoot and stalk elsewhere).  I would love to come back to the UK at some point for stalking.  Reds would be my first choice with Roe bucks being second.  I live in Colorado and we have large selection of game animals to choose from, with bull elk tags being available for over the counter purchase.  Further, I am orignally from Indiana and hunt whitetail deer there nearly every fall.  As for experience, the Western elk hunt is much more dramatic but has a much lower success rate.  The whitetail hunts around farms in the Midwest have a much higher success.  I am not an outfitter, nor do I have any property myself, but I would happy to assist you I finding a way to experience what we have to offer.  Our rules and regulations are MUCH easier to deal with than those in the UK.  PM me if there is anything I can help you with.  BTW I am going on my first back country elk hunt next week, wish me luck!!  SFC B

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