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Hunting on Sundays.

I was reading somewhere that some states do not allow hunting on Sundays and was wondering how many states do this? Does anybody here know ?

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Hunting on Sundays.

And does anybody know the reasoning behind it?
If you can't hunt on a weekday then that law would be a pain.

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Hunting on Sundays.

You'll find the no hunting on Sunday more in the east. I know Maryland bans it for most of the state. I think VA does too.

Probably has religious origins.

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Hunting on Sundays.

here in PA, no hunting on sundays...

though it is my understanding it is being considered as a future change.

do not know the reason behind it, probably as stated, religous reasons when laws first went into place.

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Hunting on Sundays.

Lived in Ohio for a while and it was like that for years. I belive it has ben changed tho. No hunting on sundays is s total load of crap.

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Hunting on Sundays.

Hey I'm still trying to figure out why my state mandates all liquor stores be closed on Sunday. Brick Wall,)

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Hunting on Sundays.

It's a blue law, plain and simple. There are lots of people who feel that we should keep the Sabbath day holy, and that hunting constitutes recreational activity that doesn't meet the intent of the Sabbath. However, there is a difference between encouraging people to follow religious guidelines versus making them follow. The Taliban made sure everyone complied with religious dictate, but coerced faith is hollow and meaningless.

Just my opinion.

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Hunting on Sundays.

Expatriate has a great opinion.

For many years here in Michigan the Sunday hunting laws were mandated by county. Some counties were open, some were closed completely. Others had variations, such as no hunting with dogs or use of firearms. Some would not allow hunting on lands owned my another.

Sometime in the late 70's of early 80's someone challenged the law on state land and the end result was opening all state lands to Sunday hunting. Although, it still seemed silly that one could hunt state land, but not on your own property in closed hunting counties.

However, as of December 1, 2003, all Sunday hunting closures were repealed by Public Acts 223 and 224 of 2003 here in the Great Lakes state.

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Hunting on Sundays.

What is wrong giving the animals a day of rest? I to like to hunt as much as the rest but I was raised to have a place that you do not hunt so the animals can go and rest. If you do this you will have animals to hunt. You can not expect animals to stay around wnhen thsy are hunted all the time they will find safe haven. Proven fact. Hunt elk sometime. If you hunt them hard enough they will leave and not return.

Religious or not we all need a brake in life give it to the animals also. Respect them as much as you can and you will always have animals to hunt. Believe me on our farm by the end of the season the animals know were to go. Look at the land around you by the end of the season they are on posted property why less pressure and not hunted 7 days a week!
Here in PA I really do not think that legislation will approve a bill that will allow hunting on Sunday for everything we have a select few animals and crows. We can hunt on Sunday but the PGC even gives the crows a brake, you can only hunt them Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. If you need to shoot something Target Practice is always open.
I know aalot of people only has weekends to hunt but. We need to think of the animals once in a while so our childrean has them around also.


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Hunting on Sundays.

You have a point about not hunting every day, but why not have it closed on Tuesday or Thursday or any other day of the week? As you stated most people only have the weekends to hunt, especially kids, so why take an oppurtunity away from them? If someone chooses to not hunt on Sunday for religous reasons that is their choice and I have no problem with that. But don't take a day away from my children for someone's personal believe.

I did not start this topic to get a debate going whether it was right or wrong to hunt on Sunday, I was just interested in finding out how many states do this. It appears that this practice is limited to only a handful of states, with debates going on to abolish it.

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Hunting on Sundays.

The is really a traditional one. Should it be revisted? I guess it depends. It's been a long time since I looked at my State's constitution, but if I remember right, there are alot of activities that were forbidden on Sundays. I'm not sure if it is something that was changed, or if the state just slowly walked away from it as the times changed. Would be interesting to look at someday. I do believe most state laws regarding Sundays are those that were put in place in our nation's earliest stages. So it has alot more to do with tradition and beliefs at the time than it does with game control or time limitations for hunters.

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