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Hunting Stories

Lets put all your great hunting stories in one place since we can't build a fire pass a bottle of booze / pot of coffee around online....

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Hunting Stories

All member submitted stories can be found here:


There are LOTS! Enjoy!! Big smile

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I'll start....

First deer hunt. I'd never been hunting for anything but birds before and only a few hunts at that. The hunting party consisted of about 10 people who had been hunting together for years. Then my buddy and I were the new guys. No one knew we were rookies so we were in a hurry to get our first animal before someone ratted us out...

We were riding around on the quads heading from base camp to a spot my buddy's dad said had some good potential. All of a sudden he stops tells me to hurry up and get my gun, take my goggles off, set my pack down, put one in the chamber, and walk forward 20 yards and wait for the deer to cross the atv path. So I walk forward and shoot the huge mature doe. She falls on the atv path. Maybe 20 yards away from me....

Needless to say, my first trip was successful and getting the deer from the kill spot to cam was easy.....

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Hunting Stories

This is a story about my buddies first duck hunt.

I told my hunting partner to hit the road because he did somethings I didn't approve of and then shot more than his limit (luckily, I wasn't with him that day). I was checking a waterfowl forum the night before I planned to hunt and noticed a guy in my area wanting to make his first duck hunting trip. I sent him a PM and told him to call me between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. Lo and behold, he was awake and raring to go. Halfway into our 2 1/2 hour drive to the hunting spot, he realized he left his hunting license on his desk. No way I was turning around. No matter, he was game and helped carry and set decoys and served as a retriever. I didn't shoot any birds but an older gentleman set up on the other side of the pond managed to down a couple. The older gentleman steppe in a hole and went swimming so my new partner decided to be helpful and chase down a cripple. Because he didn't have his license, he decidd it would be best to not kill the bird. He made a perfect retrieve and delivered it to hand and the other guy threw it on the pile with the other bird he shot. Next they knew, the cripple was gone. Some other guys hunting the same property brought their dog over and couldn't find it. Later, we saw a crippled bird (the older gentleman shot it, but didn't see it go down and wouldn't listen when I told him it was there). My buddy took off across the pond chasing it and managed to get a hold of it. Once again, he refrained from finishing it and brought it to me.

I was busy the following weekend and he went out to the same property to try his luck and remembered his license. Unfortunately, he forgot the key to his trigger lock.

We've been hunting together since. We spent a lot of days duck hunting last year, did a pack-in elk hunt this year and are doing a pronghorn and deer hunt next week.

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