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Hunting Shows & Videos!

Been a while since I have been on here. Does anyone else here film their own hunts? I've been filming for a while now and we have some cool hunts scheduled this year.

Black Bear

Right now I just film my hunts for the internet and an App on Android and Apple. If you get a chance you can check out the App, just search for Full Exposure Outdoors in the Android and Apple App Stores or Google Play whatever it is called.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone here filmed their own hunts or even internet series. Wanted to see if anyone wanted to put their videos on the App. We have quite a few shows lined up to put hunting shows on the App, so if you like to watch hunting videos go download it. It lets you save the shows to your phone so that you can watch them later when you have no service.

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I don't.

I don't.  Never have considered it.  I guess for me hunting is something I do for me and my family and it's a past time I'd rather enjoy on a personal level and not make my adventures public.  I keep memories for us by taking photos, but not many on each hunt.  Plus the fact that I'd rather focus on my hunt and not have to worry about cameras, filming, and putting on a good presenation.  Would rather just spend my time in the field focusing on my hunt.  Not that I'm opposed to filming hunts.  I think if you have the talent and ambition to do so, then by all means feel free to do it.  I do enjoy watching hunting shows on tv.  But I mainly only watch those shows that are about actual hunting rather than products/gadget placement. 

I have watched quite a few hunts on youtube that were filmed by DIYers.  There is some really good talent out there and I've been very impressed with some peoples work.  There is one hunt in particular I really enjoy on youtbe that was filmed here in Colorado.  It was a duck hunt, they had some cool Kings of Leon music playing added in the first part of the video as part of the films soundtrack.  It was very well done and really cool to watch, about 12 minutes total.

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 I have to agree with


I have to agree with WesternHunter here.  I'm too busy focusing on the hunt and the outdoors to be able to film one of my hunts.  It would be neat to have one of my hunting buddys film my hunt... but they are too focused on their hunting as well.  Maybe after I fill all of my tags then I might film my buddy's hunt... but I doubt it. 

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