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Hunting S.A - ONE package left!!!!

I am offering the following package as a promotion. Day fees (Buy one get one for free): Book a Safari for 5-7 days and get the same amount of days booked absolutely for FREE (e.g. book for 5 days stay for 10 days) Trophy list: Book any big trophy animal from the pricelist and I will offer them a ONE FREE small trophy animal absolutely free of charge. Terms & Conditions: 1. Hunter fees to be paid at US240 per day, 2. Observers will be charged at US200 per day extra (have to pay for the total days, NO credit days will apply for them) 3. Arrival and departure days for this package will be seen as ‘booked day’ and not hunt days, 4. Cannot use the free extra days for credit towards extra hunters or observers. This will be booked as a 1x1 safari BUT for a hunter per package ONLY. 5. Accommodation is basic; you will have clean bedding, excellent service from camp staff and PH, hot running water and flush toilets. 6. ONLY 2 packages available (1 in August and 1 in September 2013), hunters have to comply with the dates indicated, NO exception. 7. Two or more species from the Big trophy list must be booked to be considered for this safari, 8. NO finder’s fee or getting the free days for themself because they saw this add or setting up a hunter for this package, 9. Airport Transfer cost will apply. 10. This hunt will be conducted from more than one ranch, but the hunter will be stationed on one ranch only Big Trophy List: • Eland @ US 2 400 • Gemsbuck @ US 1 450 • Giraffe @US 3 200 • Nyala @ US 2 800 • Red Hartebeest @ US 1 100 • Waterbuck @ US 2 200 • Blue Wildebeest @US 1 300 • Black Wildebeest @US 1 300 • Common Reedbuck @ US 1 150 • Zebra @US 1 300 • Kudu @US 2 400 • Sable @US 11 500 Small Trophy list: • Impala • Blesbuck • Common Springbuck • Warthog • Common Duiker • Steenbok Area: North West and/or boundary of Limpopo Provinces Ranch size: 500ha - 1400ha High Fenced: Yes PH: Myself PH no: 2012/08 & CPM-302-00106 Outfitter: Myself Outfitter no: 2012/019 Package Included: 1. Ground transportation, 2. Lodging, meals and drinks (Soft drinks and Bottled water only), 3. Laundry (Except Sundays), 4. Transportation of trophies to the taxidermy, skinning / salting of trophies, 5. Service of tracker/skinner and a licensed Professional Hunter, 6. Hunting permits. 7. Governmental 14% Tax Package Excluded: 1. Pickup and return to local International airport - additional US350 per vehicle, 2. Airfare, 3. Dip/pack cost, 4. Shipment costs of trophies to country of hunter, 5. Taxidermy cost, 6. Gratuity, 7. Alcohol (I will stop at a convenience store to buy you own “fire water”) 8. Accommodation before and after the safari, 9. Sightseeing / Photographic excursions – POR, 10. Items of a personal nature.