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Hunting resaerch paper

Hey guys, I have to write a 15-20 page paper on the topic of deer hunting. Now, deer hunting is quite a broad area so I'm asking for your help to narrow it down. Something to do with deer hunting, but not CWD. I love deer hunting and can easily write a 15-20 page paper if I can think of a good ttopic. Thanks for the help!

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Hunting resaerch paper

Two suggestions:

- The economic impact of deer hunting. Here are a bundle of articles on the subject.

- The effects of deer mismanagement. In other words the detrimental effects on society/environment when deer herds grow beyond population targets. Besides increased auto collisions there is the impact on species that utilize the same habitat as deer.


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Hunting resaerch paper

Good luck.. moderator has a couple really ggod ones. lets us know how paper turns out, just for curiosity sake. good luk just the same..:smile:

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Hunting resaerch paper

Those are two good topics. I really like the one on mismanagement. It really puts everything in perspective for non hunters and anti's as well.
post your paper when it's done!
i'm sure everyone would enjoy reading it!

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Hunting resaerch paper

Here is a great article on exploding whitetail populations in Wisconsin.

With numbers nearing 1.4 million, deer taking bite out of ecosystem

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